Night on the Town



Night on the Town (NOTT) is a series of monthly events for singles that take place in the Raleigh area. Events are held on the 4th Friday of each month from January to October. Special events include Air Condition Indoor Seating Carolina Mudcats Baseball Games each summer, Memorial weekend hike at Raven Rock State Park 3 days of Thanksgiving events and 2 days of Christmas events .



Information for all events can be found in this website or by contacting us. 




 A major reason why people do not come is they do not know what to say to total strangers. On this website there are 22 conversations and 60 questions to ask a total stranger.



If you want to be on leadership of any of these events, you will need a reference form signed by your pastor or priest . We look for people who attend these events on a regular basis. 



Our Mission



Night-on-the-Town (NOTT) is a socially oriented  to help singles from other churches meet each other.



Our attendance target range is 16 to 24 per event. We have 15 different churches that are represented monthly and our religious percentage is 30% Baptist, 20% Crossroads Fellowship, 15% without church homes, 5% Catholics, 10% Methodist and 20% other churches.



We strive to create a protective environment where total strangers can meet.



Just 3 Rules


  1. Do not use alcohol.
  2. If you meet someone you wish to date, we ask that you ask him or her outside of a "NOTT" event.
  3. We respect an individual’s membership in their church and doctrinal beliefs at all times.



Becoming a Member



This one is easy.


There is no membership.


All are invited to participate in and enjoy the scheduled events.


If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

Just walk in to all events except for our summer baseball games



Yahoo email group 



Browse the following at Yahoo Groups: Religion and Beliefs>Christianity>Singles>BY Location>US States>North Carolina> our group is nightonthetown2002

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